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Our House Pet Care


Blythe Moorhouse

Owner Blythe Moorhouse has been a resident of Logan county for 18 years.  She spent 13 years teaching high school Biological Sciences, but started to feel the need to get back to her roots in the animal care industry.  Her dream of opening an animal care facility was realized in 2020 and Our House Pet Care was born.

Blythe looks forward every day to providing quality care for all types of household pets at her facility.  Our House Pet Care strives to give pet owners peace of mind so that they can enjoy a trip or getaway, or just a day at work without worrying about the health and happiness of their pets during their absence.  For dogs, our vision is to offer group play experiences for those pets deemed socially adept enough to interact with other members of their species responsibly.  For others, we ensure ample outdoor time during the day with a human to play with.  We want your pet to enjoy their stay with us through lots of opportunities to play and have fun!

Mia Hodge


Mia returns to us full of life and energy that she is ready to pour into her clients.  Mia has been grooming for 2 years and takes great pride in her craft.  She has a very devoted client base and the pups love her!  She is also certified in pet CPR and handling difficult dogs.  

massage Therapist
canine Behavior consultant

Lisa Sipes

Lisa Sipes is a resident of Bellefontaine.  She has been volunteering her services at local animal shelters in her spare time for many years.  Lisa is certified in Small Animal Massage through Integrated Touch Therapy for Animals.  Her certificates include CANINE I, CANINE II, FELINE, and EMERGENCY PET FIRST AID.  Lisa also helps owners to work on basic obedience skills with their dogs and provides home visits for behavior consulting.



North side animal clinic

Our House Pet Care is fortunate to have a veterinary clinic located less than a mile away.  The staff at North Side Animal Clinic is prepared to assist during any emergency that should arise and can be available in a moment's notice.

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