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Grooming Services

Professional Grooming Services



We welcome back Mia Hodge as our grooming services provider!  Mia already has a full schedule and appointments are extremely limited.  If you are on our waiting list and something becomes available, we will be in contact!


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Staff Provided Services

Basic bath and dry

(Available to dogs who are boarding)

Under 20 pounds Short Hair - $20

Under 20 pounds Long Hair - $25  

20-40 pounds Short Hair - $30

20-40 pounds Long Hair - $35

Over 40 pounds Short Hair - $35

Over 40 pounds Long Hair - $40

Supersized Breeds or Large Doodles - $50 

Nail Clip - $15

Nail Dremel - $20

Anal Gland Expression - $12

Tooth Brushing - $12

*Prices may be adjusted based on the condition of the dog or level of hair care needed.

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