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Canine/feline massage therapy

Cute Dog

We are excited to be offering canine and feline massage services at our location. 

Benefits of Massage in dogs and cats:

  • Physical relaxation of the body to reduce stress, anxiety and calm the nerves

  • Flushing and stretching of muscles for increased mobility in aging dogs or those recovering from injury

  • Increased circulation - a specific benefit for dogs with heart conditions (permission from veterinarian may be required in certain cases)

  • Light technique massage can help timid dogs associate positively to the human touch

  • Deep tissue massage can release toxins from body tissues for a healthier lifestyle

Massage Therapy will NOT:

  • Cure all issues with a pet

  • Take the place of veterinary care or prescribed medicines

  • Diagnose health concerns


$30 per session

The first session will be shorter (approximately 15-20 minutes) and all veterinary records are required at this meeting.  Subsequent sessions last between 30-45 minutes.

Please call to make an appointment or you may add a massage session to your dog's daycare or overnight stay at time of check in. 

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